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Doing better today. Felt me feelings and now I'm on the other side. For me it a total exercise to go through them. I'm a over sensitive person and my parents never taught me how to deal with all my feelings. So after a life time of doing everything to suppress them I'm doing what I can to feel them and not cover them up.

I do think things are over for me and CPA girl, but I will call again later today. Growing up the way I did I am hypersensitive to changes in people. My switch was flipped Sunday and I know that is why I was craving some physical consolement not that I pushed for sex. Like I stated before a hug or a kiss is fine. CPA girl did chew gum for hours though and I don't kiss someone who is chewing. Again it is just a feeling, but in this world sometimes that is all I have. From them I will make decisions and learn from them and grow.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

First real foray out there since the big "D" has been finalized. It's okay man... we all have these kinds of experiences.

Need I remind you of my extremely brief "Tattoo Guy" time? ha..ha.ha...

Come on Doc, you are a serious catch and you need to be happy that you've been so amazingly open and fun loving. I'm still sooooo jealous about the salsa lessons! :)


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