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Sane Friends


When I had my session with Energy Girl the other day, one of the things I wanted to work on were my girl friend relations. She asked who was my role model for a good relationship. She responded by saying, "I can se by your manical laughter you don't have anyone". I have no role models in my life and I never had. Nothing for a man, father, husband, etc. The people in my life have never been the best and I've just muddled my way through it. It's probably why I have many abilities, but lack the ability to visualize. I can imagine, but to actually visualize escapes me. In business it seems to affect me the most in how to steer the business to a distant point when all I can do is a few feet. Relationships are a little easier since I have learned my part. Intergrating with another person can be bumpy, but I think my choices of women are still not the greatest. However I remember what my therapist said when I spearated from my ex. You won't be able to go from her to a healthy relationship. It will take steps.

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You know, I think your approach is a good one. It's honest and solid and you know it will take time to move healthily (that is the key) from one to another. And I also wanted to say hi back to you. I am seeing a therapist to help get things in my head right so I can transition from one person to another and get my thoughts straight. I wish my daughter had done this when she went from the frying pan into the fire, but we hope as we get older, we learn, so one day she will too. (Fingers crossed)

Good luck and thanks for stopping by and commenting. It gets lonely when you KNOW people are reading, but no one ever says anything :-)


Mike, relationships are never easy. At least for me they arent. They scare the day lights out of me and thats why I avoid them like the plague.


Ugh. Relationships.

And THAT response shows why I'm single.

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