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Sane Friends


Sitting here having lunch today between seeing my lawyer to set up a trust for Eric since I don't trust my ex. I know she would use the money to pay for her life instead of it being Eric's. Then this afternoon I have leadership training.

Well I just got a call from CPA Girl. She just wanted to say hello and that she was thinking about me. Okay my day was just made and I'm on cloud 9. We also scheduled lunch for us Wednesday which will be very nice since it was going to be a long week until Friday. We'll talk tomorrow to finalize plans. Wow a proactive girl. I'm lovin' it.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Monday morning to you Mike !

Very smart of you to set up the trust. Irrevocable ?

Enjoy this afternoon's leadership training.

And Wednesday should be lots of fun ! I'm happy for you !

Thought I could stop posting, but I can't... Hormones got the best of me, I'm afraid... Somehow, I didn't think you'd mind... :)


Very nice! I'm happy knowing that you are smiling and happy! :)

And the trust thing..that's awesome! I always think of that song by Kayne West "Golddiger" : "she shoulda bought shorty Tyco with your money, instead she went and go lipo with your money".

So true..so true.. Who knew Kayne would be right about something. ;)

And let me add - I LOVE seeing that you are proactive in your sons future as well as maintaining a healthy presence in his life. I wish MORE dads would be that way. The kids always suffer in divorce and you are helping him to know it wasn't anything to do with him that caused it. Big kudos to you! (this from the self-proclaimed "no children ever" Queen!) :)


I would be loving it too! An unexpected call just to say hi is perfect in so many ways. I'm happy for you!

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