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The Sounds of Silence

I wasn't expecting it so I wasn't surprised to not hear from CPA Girl. Last week I was talking with German Girl about her and I had stated that it was weird. That I really like her, she was very attractive, and we had so many core beliefs in common. However there always seemed to be something missing when we talked. Like when you put a puzzle together and there is a piece missing. I didn't know what to think of it, but I was enjoying myself and figured it would work out for the best at some point (whatever that would be). So I was amazed when ACG said that CPA girl probably did like me, but something was probably missing for her and she didn't know how to tell a nice guy it wasn't working out. Anyway since this is the last post of her. Here is a pic of Anastasia from the Salsa site. She looks a lot younger here though.
Pizza was a hell of a lot better tonight than it was last night. I worked half the hours, but made the same amount in tips. Besides that is was just a nice lazy day. I slept late, relaxed, read, and enjoyed some shows on DVD.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

ACG was probably right about CPA girl.
Anastasia looked quite pretty.
There will be others, and it will be mutual then --
Hope that you have a good week ahead -
Loving Annie


My dearest Mike,

You are a passionate, caring, concerned man. Obviously, you have a heart with the capacity to love easily, therefore being easier to hurt as well.

Would that each person that crosses our path becomes our soul mates, but that is not to be. Our lives are the road we travel, love is only one of the destinations we will stop at during the journey.

Enjoy the trip for the joys it brings you and try not to let the disappointments weigh to heavily on your kind heart.

Passionately yours,

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