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Talking with friends tonight I realized where my physical gauge came from. Things with my ex wife were bad for a long time. If I got a kiss or a hug I could lie to myself that things were okay. The training has continued. I know I'm working on it. I run the list of things why I think things are okay and it is slowly turning the tide.

Talked to CPA girl today and not quite sure if we are getting together Wednesday yet. Have to see how her study schedule goes. I realized my phone skills are lacking. It's been a long time since I've had the long phone conversations. So use to the first and second date calls being short. L hated the phone so I've really not had any practice in 18-19 years. Jeez when did I get so old. I was sort of quick to get off, but then we started talking on another subject. When we finally got off I realized I need some work here.

Salsa was fun tonight. A new instructor and I found out what the whole on the one or on the two means. Hey I feel like I can dance now plus with a cool new move it was lots of fun.

German girl asked me how attracted to CPA girl I was. I told her I thought she was gorgeous (yes I did tell her that), but it was what was inside that was really attracting me. The weird thing with this relationship was that I wasn't riding on a wave of emotions which is my MO. So I would take it not being super physical would be a plus for a while to see how we are together. My hope is that she things this could be a LTR like I do and that having sex too early would mess things up and that's why she is slowing things down.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I've been criticized before that when I have a good physical relationship with guys I think everything is ok. I think it's really more of a guy thing though.

The phone is no fun. If I'm dating someone, I'd much rather see them than talk on the phone. Heck, I'd rather talk to someone in person than on the phone any day.

I'm glad ya'll are taking things slow. Sex always complicates things so it's nice to have a complication-free relationship for as long as you can hold out.


I'm not much of a phone person, either. If we're going to have a long talk, let's do it in person. Usually, when I get a phone call I'm like 'hurry up and tell me what you've got to tell me so we can hang up.'

Maybe I'm old, too. :-)


Huh... it's 3 for 3 Mike. I'm pretty "Anti-Phone" myself. Let's make our plans, say a few things about our day and then it's time to go. I've got other things that need to be done so that I can be ready for getting together. :)


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