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Sane Friends

Dancing Decisions

Before I went to salsa tonight I was thinking of giving up my Thursday salsa just for some rest. However I was able to get to salsa tonight early and hang with everyone. I realized a few things. Mondays and Tuesdays I know people and I'm friendly to them and they to me. I know people on Thursday, but we are not tight. The biggest thing is that Thursday's salsa on the 1 is screwing me up for the rest of the week. My foot step is a little off or I change styles by accident. Thursday's is nice for meeting people, but for dancing it is hurting more than helping.

The rest of the night. Well Glasses at salsa tonight likes me. I figured that when she moved from one end of the group to sit next to me. Then she kept touching me throughout the conversation. The problem is I don't feel any chemistry for her. I'm better with it than I use to be. In the past if someone liked me It instantly put 2 stars in your corner, but that it's down to 1 now a days.

I don't have any good pizza stories today, but since it was slow all the drivers were sharing. Ed had the best. When he use to work another store down on the bay where they have all the cheap motels. He said he delivered to one and this guy opened the door. He told Ed to what a minute. So he did. Well about 2 minutes go by. Then the guy comes back stark naked and says, "what do you think?" Ed said he told the guy all he saw was a small dick attached to an idiot. LMAO.

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