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Sane Friends

3rd Date Tid Bits

Okay a little more awake now. So to everyone who has ever dated their is that awkward time in the beginning when you aren't BF & GF yet that when people ask you say your just friends. Holy hell! Did CPA girl get asked like a million times yesterday at salsa class. It started with this guy who she ran into and they use to work right next door to each other years ago. After they caught up I said hello and then he looked at her with this look of who the hell is he? She said we were friends. (He was married) However this just started this question to keep coming up. It ended with Joey the instructor asking her in front of the whole class was she single or not? LMAO. It was a trip to the Twilight Zone. When we first walked in we were talking and he thought he remembered me last week at the Tropicana. Then he jokes that I was with someone else. Joey is going to get hit one of these days with all his jokes.

CPA Girl and mines list keeps growing of different things we want to do. I volunteered for when she wants to take a few massage lessons to be her Guinea pig. She asked if she could rent space in my office which I said yes. We're nuts.

This whole relationship is a learning experience for me. I'm a physical guy and I grade things on that scale. Not the sex part, but I guess working in that direction. We were more hand holdy yesterday, but less kissy so that makes me wonder. However when I review everything else it looks good and solid. So I guess I need a new book.

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Interesting break down Mike. More hand holdy but less kissy. Was the more kissy times in private and the less kissy time in public? Just curious. :)


Cinn - Yes and they were just smooches not the more passionate ones we've had. However one of always grabbed the others arm or hand while we walked.


I thought maybe she wanted to rent space on your body.

It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rude when people ask if this is your boyfriend/girlfriend. I think it's rude even from kindergarten. "Sweetie, do you have a boyfriend yet?" Fuckin hell.

Glad you're having fun!
Try to keep your zipper up.


Hmmm... she may have been put off by all the direct "are you single or what" "who's this" kind of questioning. She may not want to be "claimed" just yet, since being kissy in public pretty much does that. Or she may just be shy still. Not sure.

But, I'm sure you'll get a much better idea as this goes on. If the same public/private behavior continues. :)

Good luck and like CT says - keep your barndoor closed! ha..ha..


I don't think the whole "just friends" thing is a big deal at all. It is always SO awkward when you first start dating someone. I've WANTED to call a guy my boyfriend that I had only been out with a few times but refrained because I thought that maybe HE wasn't ready for that kind of label. Ya'll will have that talk eventually, I'm sure.

Also, maybe she's not a big public kisser. I've known people like that, and while I think passionate kisses in public are a no-no, little smooches are cute.

You're overthinking things. ;-) Just go with it... I promise it will be a lot less taxing. No reason to worry this early in the relationship.

p.s. I'm SO glad I'm finally up-to-date reading all of your posts, haha.


Teri - Oh I totally agree. I use to scold people for asking my son that question.

Katie - me overthink? ROFLMAO. I've been so accused of doing that. Wow you read it all? That's a lot sorry I don't have a prize for that. At least take a bow.

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