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Sane Friends


Well I made my call to CPA Girl. It was a short message with me saying I hadn't heard from her and hoped everything was okay and to give me a call when she could.

So a few minutes later she called back. I was a little nervous to pick it up. She apologized for not calling saying she was busy and she had taken on more work. We caught up on our week and I asked if I could see her tomorrow. I gave her an out which I shouldn't of, but oh well. She took it and said she was busy. She then said she would call me over the weekend to set up something else. I don't know if she will call or not. Something is off and I can't put my finger on it. The happiness is no longer there in her voice. If she does call again I will ask.

I know she is having a hard time being upfront with a friend and I wonder if she is also having the same problem with me.

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