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Sane Friends

Palm Reading

While CPA girl and I sat in the park yesterday holding hands she tried reading my palm. She had read a book once and remembered all the things to check for. She said my thenar was nice a rounded so I was romantic. My finger tips were good and I was expressive. My heart line was good. She couldn't understand why I had 2 life lines, but mine were long and my destiny was set. Hey I've remade myself and left my old life behind. I wanted to look at hers but she laughed and hid them from me saying her polish was chipped which I knew it wasn't. LOL.

The funny thing is people ask me well hold is she and I'm like I don't know. When you date online age is a nice screener, but in the real world you get to know the person before you know. When I dated April she never asked until her friend wanted facts. My guess is that CPA Girl is 28. I have to admit I do have a little fear about her knowing my age since most people think I'm younger. It'll come up eventually and in 2 months is my birthday.
Also I see my dating life is popular since I get way more comments and emails.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hopefully she will care about you enough that when the time comes, the age difference won't matter, Mike.


Heeeyy...no fair! You get comments AND email??? (pout..pout..)

What can I say Mike, us wimmins likes tah meddles.. :)

That, and currently I'm living vicariously through your dating life. Seems to be a dearth of single, non-mutant males in my general vicinity. ha..ha.ha..ha!

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