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Pre Date Plan

Well I called and left a message for CPA girl about tonight. When she called back we small talked and I found out her feet were killing her so their would be no dancing tonight. So we agreed on drinks and see how it goes if we did anything else. I choose Isla's since it would be a quiet place for drinks and the food is excellent if we wanted to stay. It will be weird that this is the first pick up date in a long time. I usually meet the woman at the place or some midway point. I'm picking her up at her place. She did tell me to call and she would come down to meet me. So during my break today I'll run over to the florist to pick up a flower for her and get my car cleaned. Since we aren't getting together till 7 I'll hit the gym after work, grab a shower, and don a clean outfit since we had our office block party today and I'm a sweaty mess. Wish me well. I'll blog later about it.

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