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The Unwritten Salsa Rules

As I said before salsa is different than all other dancing in that no where else do I go and there are a bunch of men wanting to dance and very few women. The dance itself is so Hispanic it's not funny. The guy sets the tone and the women just looks beautiful and sexy. Anyway I was talking to DK Girl last night. (So you know girl is single and lady is married). I was saying how all the more experienced guys swoop up the women and it is hard for me to practice once lessons end. So I got to hear her point of view which is true.

There are 3 groups of women at these events.

1) the attractive women - no one cares if they can dance. The seasoned pros just grab them and these women will most likely never stop spinning till the night is over or they puke.

2) the women who can dance - after all the #1's are gone this is the next group to go

3) what's left - nuff said

I have to agree with my teacher last night. It doesn't matter how many moves you know it is only the ones you can do well that will impress your partner. So with salsa on the 2 I can do 3 basic moves well. Salsa on the 1 still escapes me since it is completely different footwork even though it is the same beat. What truly sucks is Thursdays has the greatest amount of people to practice with, but it is Salsa 1. RRRRRRR frustrating.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike. I missed your post yesterday.. congrats on the divorce. They do seem to end in a whimper, don't they?


Patience, Mike, you'll get it ! And then, uh-oh, hot ladies, watch out !!!!!!


When my partner comes to me, first thing I want to see is that he is the MAN. He takes me and we get into position. He leads me and dominates where my body goes.

Spins me and pulls me back to him. With his chest out and his eyes looking into mine, he gives me a slight tease of a possible romance.

When it's over, he takes my hand and kisses it and says thank you and walks away.

I want more.


I'll remember that when I'm dancing tonight LJ.

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