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Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a good day. I get up at 8 every morning (hey it's early for me) so it is hard to sleep late on the weekends especially when I've worked late at pizza. However I was able to fall back to sleep again and it was much needed rest. So that seem to become the theme of the day. I just strolled through the day. Reading, Starbucks, and watching shows until work. The Two & Half Men season 1 came out this week and I had been waiting for a long time for it. However when I learned it was coming out this week it was like buy DVD or date? Dating won, but I won our weekly door prize at my business meeting this week which allowed me to get it. Sweet! So I've been laughing my ass off for the last few days.

CPA girl and I talked for a while yesterday. We're still getting together today for some salsa and dinner. I joked with her a little about her shoes and we had some fun. I think we feel very connected to each other, but their hasn't been enough time together to really bond so we get these moments where these blanks are. It's hard to explain. Sitting here I'm grateful for all the dating I've done since I separated. With a quick guestimate I would say I've dated about 30 women since then and that being in the last 2 years. The funny thing is that half that number was done in the first 6 months. Yeah I went through a lot of women getting my dating legs back. I would say there was at least and equal amount of women that never made it to the table. However I see all that I've learned along the way and I'm happy to have kept moving on.

I'm bringing my camera to get a pic of CPA girl since too many people are clamouring to see what she looks like and I would like one myself. Since it is the third date I guess I should bring protection along. I wonder if I get the ribbed for her pleasure and turn it inside out. Will it be for my pleasure then?

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Good Sunday afternoon the 16th to you Mike ! How are you doing ?

3rd date ?!? Mike, Mike, if you want her to fall in love with you -- WAIT... Let the anticipation build, let the intimacy grow...

Thank you for commenting on my Mhmmm Yes erotica blog, b.t.w. -- a whopping 7 times since August 1st !

You are a dear.

I left you a link in today's 'thank-you's.

*cyber hugs and smiles*
Loving Annie

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