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Sane Friends


Well CPA girl called me this morning. She had to move back our date since she had to take care of a client. It was too late in the day for me since I was working the dinner shift. I could do it afterwards, but that was late for her. She suggested Wednesday, but I'm not quite sure of my schedule for the week. She did tell me that Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays were bad for since she has review classes those days. I am awfully glad she came to salsa last Thursday then. The information is good since I can work any days I want at pizza. Just I didn't know before this week started. CPA Girl sounded really bad that we couldn't see each other. I told it was okay, but I dropped in to the peacekeeper mode and when I talk to her later let her know that I missed seeing her today. Since she is busy Thursdays I'll pass on asking her to the party.

So I went and did some errands. While out I found a pair of in line skates on sale cheap. So I picked them up. I've wanted to do so for a while, but I didn't want to do it by myself. CPA Girl loves to in line skate so she can teach me.

So now I have a few hours to blow and I think I will clean up my storage room at the office. It's getting bad in there.

And yes I did cross the line last night into a better world in my attitude with CPA girl. The song playing was Cinnkitty's "Na na na na, heh heh heh, goodbye ...". Farewell to an old part of myself.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Maybe it's because I'm lovin' the thoughtful ideas you're sharing over at my blog, but hey...

...I'm really wanting CPA Girl to let you know how much she wants to fit you into her schedule.


Well she passed on showing me the naked pictures of herself the other night. She said they have to wait for another night. So that works for me Annie.

I think this is an area that cultures with conflict. I'll blog on it later.


Heya Mike -- sorry I haven't been around the last few days -- as of noon on Friday I was out of pocket and then I got internet from 12 to 2am last night and tried to catch up but lost track of time. :)

Sooooo.... on the social. I think after reading the "scheduling difficulties" you guys are having, you made the right call in holding off on that invite to her. There is busy and then there is "BUSY" and hell -- it's not even tax season, so how busy can CPA girl be? ;) Seriously though, if she wants to see you, she'll find a way. Even if it just a quick coffee meeting or whatnot. (heh..heh.. .shades of "Tattoo Guy" there)

Hang in there though. If you really are that smitten, you should do your best to see where it leads. Just don't lose too much of yourself while trying to do so. But, I'm confident that you are well aware of that already and won't be a door mat for anyone. :)

Take care!!!!

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