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Sane Friends

Lazy Day

Several days of good sleep has left me very relaxed. It's a nice feeling. After sleeping in this morning I had a late morning networking event. I wasn't expecting much, but if I got anything out of it I would be happy. The woman running it is new to the health and wellness field and her networking skills are light. I nudged when necessary to make it run smoothly, but since I knew it would never get off the ground I didn't put much energy into it. Only 3 other showed up and since they were all selling different supplements for different companies it was like selling ice to Eskimos. I'm happy to say they did not put their sights on me which is usually the case. I knew all their products and I hated the taste or I was allergic to it. It was nice to meet them and I may have gotten a new patient or 2 out of them so that may be good. The lady running it was young and attractive, but not my type which I still find weird to say. When I was young everyone was my type.

German girl is still painting a very nice picture of her friend Nancy. I do trust her judgement, but I don't want to make the drive and like CinnKitty said it will be the guy doing it. I've done it in the past and I don't want to do it in the future. If I keep saying it I have the best chances of it not happening so bear with me.

I was looking forward to going down to the beach for the 34th annual Neptune Festival, but I have to admit I really wasn't in the mood when today came. I did still drive on down, but it was right during the parade which made traffic a complete mess so I turned right around and left.

So I ended up at my Starbucks still with a coupon for free drinks if someone will come with me. I walk in today and the place was pretty empty till after I ordered. I think I might have to hang out outside till someone approaches. Anyway I finally was able to sit down and get my whole marketing campaign for increasing people's posture and slimming the midsection.

The rest of the day was spent at the library and watching some DVD's. I did some research for a costume for Halloween. I think I'll use my Jedi robe from last year and get a staff and goes as a wizard. Pretty simple and works for me.

Left another message for Eric and if no response by tomorrow I'll call my ex Monday.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Sunday morning to you, Mike !

Sounds like yesterday was both relaxing and productive re: the marketing campaign while you were drinking your coffee !

Good for you for knowing Nancy lives too far away for it to make sense to start a relationship with her.

I'll expect a jedi at my door come Halloween !

Hope that you get to talk to Eric today !

Loving Annie

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