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Dating Decisions

German girl has been trying to set me up with many of the single women she knows. The problem is that she lives an hour away through the tunnel which always has traffic. I remember when I was dating my ex and it was 45 minutes away without traffic which only happened when I use to go home at 6 in the morning. I made a promise then that I was not doing this long drive anymore. I can't be spontaneous. "Hey let's get together. I'll be over in an hour." Nor do I know where to take anyone or do anything in the area. On the other side I do trust German girls judgement. I'll see how I feel.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Why start out with geographically undesirable, Mike ? I'd say thank you, appreciate the gesture, and wait until there was someone who lived closer...


Repeat after me --- "NO LONG DISTANCE DATING" now keep repeating that. You know, I know, Loving Annie knows... everyone knows... long distance SUCKS and the guy typically winds up doing all the driving. (what?? it's true! )


I beg to differ.....


Oh MissM..... you?? begging? that's just not right. hee..hee..hee... ;)


Annie & Cinn - I know it already. Happy not to feel desparate to do it, but the picture of the person was done nicely so I had to share it to get rid of it.

M - I'll pick you up at the airport then. ;)

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