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The Rest of the Day

"Teacher can I leave? My brain is full." This line from the Farside kept running through my mind all day. Two hours with my attorney and 4 hours in leadership class and my brain was hurting from all the information. Although the 4 hours was easier since I was still reliving the high from CPA girl's call.

So I had some time so I headed over to the gym to work out. Who the hell do I run into? L Jeez this is scary. I didn't notice her till she waved "hi" as she walked by. I was happy she didn't stop by or give me one of her body hugs. She did her thing, I did mine and I was happy.

Did a little practicing in the in line skates. Holy hell that's a foot and ankle work out. I do need to check if I should go down a size when I stop at the store tomorrow. You really need a tight ankle support to make it work.

Salsa tonight was fun and it's nice to know the crowd. Monday's seems to be different in that more couple go than any other night. Never the less there was still a shortage of women. It was also nice to be a little board for some of the class since I had that part down. Starting to get some more compliments which is nice. My biggest problem is still keeping the beat with the music. I set my own beat and I just go with that until my partner tells me I'm not in sync with the music. Oh well.

On the way home I left a message for CPA girl telling how her call made my day. We'll talk again tomorrow about our lunch date for Wednesday. I can't wait.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I expect a detailed breakdown of tomorrow's lunch date - to include what you have to eat. HEY! I don't get lunch breaks so I dine vicariously through my friends. ha..ha.ha.. ;)

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