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Sane Friends

Salsa & the Cow Bell

You know it's never good when you walk in a room and it's empty. Well that's the way I felt when I walked in to 7's tonight. I know people usually come late, but come on now. At least our instructor and someone else showed up when I was in the bathroom. I was happy to dance with a woman that had more experience than me. Most everyone wants to dance up so it is hard sometimes. So I was finally able to practice some intermediate moves. Some went smooth others still need some sanding down, but no blood was spilled or limbs broken. I like my classes since I'm starting to know everyone so it's just a bunch of friends. I meant to ask why there are so few women that dance salsa at least in our area. I did get to ask how the hell to you tell the beat cause I'm completely clueless. Quita said it was usually hard with so many instruments, but you could tell by the cowbell. Now I nearly loss it. All I could think of was the cowbell skit from SNL. So after about a minute of suppressing my laughter I was able to hear what she was talking about. It will take me a while to get it, but it's more work in progress.

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