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Sane Friends

He Shoots, He Scores

So I stopped by the boardwalk before hitting salsa tonight. I had practiced and having gotten one type of salsa down I hoped that tonight would be easier. The crowd was really light. Anyway I knew one new woman had signed up to come. From her picture she was attractive, but my jaw dropped when she arrived. I smiled and waved over to her. She asked why we were all spread out. So I invited her to my table since the seats were cushioned. So between us and another guy we started up a conversation. During this I gave (her = CPA girl) directions to park her car in the lot so she wouldn't be towed. While this happened the place filled up nicely.

So the instructor was slower tonight since more than half the people there were for the first time. It was the same step from last time with a few twist. I got it pretty fast and the women were complimenting me. On my dancing. That was weird. It was nice to see many familiar faces which made it fun. Anyway it comes to break so I ask CPA girl to dance. We have a fun time and I teach her a new move. She's enjoying pushing her body against mine which I take as a good sign. Afterwards I sit back with her and we chit chat some more.

After break we are separated again which is no biggie and I kind of like the break. I actually have a few women want to dance with me. The night is getting strange. Anyway during the next break I sit to relax. CPA Girl is kept on the dance floor. She is a Type 1. Attractive s she'll be on it all night. However she is not wearing the right shoes and comes back to relax. We talk some more until it is meringue time. This is a fun dance and were both against each other. So I figure I need to ask her out.

CPA Girl finally gets to the point she can't dance anymore. She is going to go and I offer to walk her back. I would do it for any woman late night on a deserted street, but it gives me time to talk. We don't get far before she is suggesting we get together. I agree and we trade phone numbers. We hug and I help her into her car.

I was going to go out with friends tomorrow night for a singles event, but I would rather go out with CPA girl and we can dance again tomorrow if we want.

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This has real promise! Can't wait to hear the next installment!


way to go! I hope the date goes well!!!

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