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Sane Friends

What's Happening?

Not much here. It was a quiet day which was a nice change. After the gym this morning I needed to get a new ink cartridge refilled. They were backed up and I didn't get it back till tonight so all my claims and Eric's letter will have to wait till tomorrow. Speaking of Eric I made a killing at one of the thrift stores today. I got 2 boxes full of Pokemon cards for him. I have enough to send him for at least a year.

While I love my books I'm trying to get all my new books to read from the library to save on money and space. Since my room is not really my room there is little I can do to modify it. So most of my stuff stays in boxes. If I don't have to add to the pile I would rather not which is very hard since I read a lot. Although I have to admit since I no longer do valet I have less time to do so. Now a book last me about 2 weeks.

My life is now clean. All the laundry is done. My room and the bathroom are clean. I'm good to go.

On the dating scene I'm back and forth. What the hell am I saying I flirted with two women today. One I wasn't prepared to ask out and it passed. The other I'll see again so I'll see. So I don't feel I'm looking, but if the opportunity pops up I seem to be biting it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Saturday evening to you, Mike !

Eric should be very happy with the Pokemon cards ! Nice move !

And clean is good. Women love clean.

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