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Sane Friends

Woo Hoo!

I tell you I just love it when CPA Girl calls me. I can always die a happy man afterwards. So we got a chance to talk for a little while and we'll see each other Sunday. We decided on some dancing and dinner. Their is a basic class on Sundays that Joey wants me to come to so he can give me business. Hey kill two birds with one stone.

This will be our third date and since she called today my anxiety has been alleviated. I don't buy into Starboard Tack's 3 date rule nor all the young guys at pizza's beliefs on dating. I'm not a gambler hoping for the quick big score. I'm more of looking for the long term investment. The way our relationship is going has been great and I'm enjoying the ride.

The completely weird thing is that I know that CPA girl wants kids. I've for a while have been under the belief that I'm done. However since we've met I would like to have another child. Playing with every one's babies last night and my friends young daughter this morning has helped re spark that in me. I'm surprised. However I did do a lot with Eric. Taught him to eat and draw and a whole lot more. That was the true legacy from my Dad. I would never be him.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

WOW. Sounds like CPA Girl has you by the hair on your chinny chin chin. I think it's lovely that you're smitten.


Sweet! So it's Sunday, how did it go?

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