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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Fun & Funky Things in My Room

  1. My M & M Guys - Red usually likes what he see, but Yellow freaks way too easy
  2. My Laptop - this is actually my older one that Eric spilled milk into. Still works pretty good.
  3. My Dragon Katana - I'm a big Highlander fan and what true fan is without his sword
  4. My Lava lamp - when I was young I thought these were the coolest things ever. So when I became single again this went on the list to get fast.
  5. My Minatures collection - I paint tiny little guys about 1 1/2 inches tall. I have TONS of them. Now all I have is a small display for them. I use to have a big case to show them off.
  6. My Mermaid Lady - in my early forays out to find stuff I liked to replace the emptiness of my new single digs I found this lady and liked her.
  7. Abbey Road - Besides the large Beatles poster over my bed I have different album covers from a bunch of different artists around the room.
  8. My Futurama guys - I love the show and the metal figures decorate the top of my TV
  9. Dirty Pair gashapon (Japanes animation figures) - one of my favorite anime shows and I have a few different types of the girls
  10. Gatchaman gashapon- No 7 Zark 7 here. The ultra cool and violent Gatchaman in all his glory.
  11. Cyborg 009 gashapon - my first uncensored Japanese animation. I was hooked forever.
  12. Saint Seiya gashapon - The true meaning of persistence.
  13. Space Cobra gashapon - a wise cracking hero and beautiful women. What more can you ask for?

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Dude.. .Mike.. my man.... a little too much like "40 Year Old Virgin" decorating tastes going on there. ;)

Seriously....I'm teasing...but at the same time I'm not. Come on...take a look at all that through a woman's eyes and ask yourself "Does this look like the room of a guy who is grown up and has a kid?" I mean... some of it's okay, but all of it together... a bit much.

You know I gots some love for ya, so I'm just telling you what my initial reaction was.

Okay..okay.. the laptop is okay. Hee..hee..hee!!



And you wonder why the CPA woman doesn't return your call? Did she see your room? I skeert.

Okay here's what you need to do Immediately: Build a shrine to these things in an obscure bedroom. Then begin filling your bedroom with ADULT things that you love and appreciate. You can keep the Katana. I think it could be sexy. If you love Higlander theme go with it.


Hey I have a lava lamp, and I love love love the dragon katana. For what it's worth, I don't trust people who have no toys.

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