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Post Date Report

I know some of you actually stay up to read these so I wasted no time when I got home to write it. Well I arrived at CPA girl's place at 7 to pick her up. When I called she told me to come on up which worked at well with the flowers. She has a very nice place, a cute cat, and still drop dead gorgeous. So after a few minutes we headed out. Isla's turns out to be her favorite restaurant so that works out very well. We talk about everything under the sun. I mention my son which I don't know how it will go over. Always a hurdle. She runs it through her mind that I have been married and now divorced (yes!). Since she is Russian I didn't know what was the slow down in thought process, but then she admitted she had been married and is also divorced, but with no kids. I could see relief on her face and I think that was a worry for her.

Dinner was fun, but she was hard to read. Her body language going from open to close and then back to open. I was having a fun time so I pressed on. She asked what I wanted to do afterwards. I asked her what she had in mind since I was thinking of a walk on the beach or boardwalk. That turned out to be her suggestion and she wanted to surprise me with where. So I followed her directions over to the bay to a spot I haven't been before. We kicked off our shoes and had a nice walk down by the surf trying not to step on all the tiny sand crabs as they scurried out from underneath our feet. On the beach I loosened up more and CPA Girl noticed that I was more silly. She said she couldn't tell during dinner if I was having fun or wanted to be touched. I told her yes to both, but when I'm nervous I sometimes fall back to old habits of having a stoic manner. I thought I had gotten rid of that.

So then we had some fun walking up and down the beach. At some point I turned her around to kiss her which she hungrily returned. We walked back to car swapping stories and I drove her home. I walked her to her door and asked to see her again. We started to make plans and then she just invited me in. We hung out and she showed me one of her photo albums of her family back home. We then kissed some more with both of us remarking how the other's lips were nice and soft. So we will probably go back out Sunday before I have pizza.

One thing I realized tonight while sitting with CPA Girl is that with her the last 3 women I've dated all have a zest for life. Their reaching for their dreams or seeking to have fun in their lives. Something I am doing also so it was nice to notice that I was attracting this good quality. I like her.

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Sounds like it was a success! Make sure you do the follow up phone call.


Perfect! I'm glad it went so well. Nice first date indeed!! : )

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Thanks Steph and Jen. Oh I'm a very good phone caller Steph. If I had her email address I would have shot her an email too.


Is CPA girl named Annie as in Loving Annie?? LOL (That's where I found your link.)

Anyway, sounds like your love life is going great, too. I love the beginning of a relationship...all the firsts. Enjoy her!


Sorry Scarlet that's Mark. I didn't know Annie was a CPA? My girl's name is Anastasia.

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