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3rd Date Recap

I think CPA girl spiked her lipstick. Jeez I'm ready for bed and I can barely keep my eyes open. Well CPA girl called me about 2:30 to make sure we were still on and I think she thought it was 3 o'clock instead of 4. So we talked for a little while then I told her I'd pick her up within the hour. I ran home to get a jacket since Fall has arrived and the nights are now chilly.

CPA Girl looked great when I picked her up. I got there earlier than planned so we hung out for a little while before heading over to salsa class. Class went very well and I got the basics of salsa on the 1 down. I got a LOT of compliments. I didn't know why until I was back in the car with CPA girl and she said all the guys were stiff except me and an older guy. We knew how to move. Who knew? CPA girl was sad since we didn't get to dance much since it was a class. I tried taking her picture, but she wouldn't have any of that.

CPA Girl was in the mood for Mexican so I figured Plaza Azteca since there is always a line when I'm working pizza. So we got there and it was perfect timing as TJ one of the other drivers was leaving and he wanted to see what she looked like so he could decide to go to salsa. The place was very good and they had CPA girl's favorite dessert. I got my churros for dessert, but they did something funky with them and they weren't that great.

So we decided to go for a walk at the park. We did a quick stop at CPA girl's place so she could change shoes and grab a heavier jacket. It was a nice walk. I haven't gone all the way around before. CPA girl may go to the gym a lot, but she doesn't seem to have my high energy. I wasn't walking that fast, but the rate I set was tiring her out so we slowed it down.

Afterwards we headed back to her place. Using the bathroom I got to see most of the place. I asked if she wanted to practice dancing since we didn't get much time together, but she wanted to relax. So we decided on a movie and went with Shooter. It was okay. Her cat plopped on my lap while I petted her. CPA girl was very surprised she stayed. I told her kids and animals love me. I heard the same thing from MK lady the other day when her daughter kissed me goodbye.

When the movie was finished it was after 9 and CPA girl's bedtime. She still had some more reading to do. So we kissed and I left. She knows I have Wednesday and Friday off so that will probably be our next 2 dates. I told her whatever days she needs just let me know and I'll alter my schedule.

We both had a great time. She is a hard one to read though. I think I may have to confer with German girl to pick up some pointers.

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