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Tuesday Wrap Up

I left a message on CPA girl's phone. I know this is her marathon day of school. No response like I hoped. As always I think the worse and if it is I have to remember there's nothing for me to do anyway. It's her decision. My hope is that she will call tomorrow and we are able to get together.

I was tired when I got out of pizza tonight. No real stories, but I did come down on TJ for shaking CPA girl's hand Sunday so he could see her cleavage. He was scared I told her about it and I told him no. However after seeing her he wants to go to salsa now.

Anyway I know how it is just to work the 2 jobs and then go home. So I went to salsa cause I know it will make me feel better and I know I don't have to stay all night. We started late tonight so I ended up talking to both bartenders. All I could think about was the line from Two & Half Men about bartenders. "You know they work on tips." I've yet to see a half dressed female bartender. Like where do they get these outfits? Fredrick's of Hollywood? Well tonight was a first. There was more women than men. Only by one, but that was major. Since everyone there, me included knew our basic stuff we did some fun intermediate stuff. Spins, reverse cross overs, and coppas which is a fun pull and release. With more practice I'll get better. The biggest problem is at this level a partner is really needed to get it down. The details is what makes it work.

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