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Marking Her Territory

Well pizza was slow tonight so I was able to get out early and get to salsa in plenty of time. The bartender was a woman I remembered from HK when L and I use to go there. So we talked a little since she didn't remember me. Anyway since the salsa group has many regulars I talked to a few until class started. Now I have come to find out that there are 2 different types of salsa. One on 1 and the other on 2. What the hell that means is beyond me, but that is the difference between Mondays & Tuesdays classes compared with Thursday class. Anyway I did well since their is good instruction. Afterwards I danced with a few of the different ladies (as always there is far too many guys). They all had danced for at least a year and said I was doing very well for my week and a half.

Anyway I'm dancing with one lady when suddenly I get poked on my sides. I turn around and it's L. WTF? I know a lot of people in this city and I NEVER run into them so what's up with this. So she gives me one of her full body hugs. I make quick small talk since I would like to get back to dancing, but I notice she had already found someone else. L talks a little while longer and goes over to her date, Sunglass guy. It's 10:30 at night and it's dim in the place what the hell do you need sunglasses for. Anyway I pull up a wall to watch the experience dancers dance and see what I can become if I keep with it. I try not to notice L and her date going at it at the bar. Then it kind of hits me this misty eyedness. I don't really feel anything, but I have that feeling like I want to cry, but I'm not. I have no want to go since this is my time. So I sit back and relax. At some point L comes over to me sliding her arm across my chest and asks why I'm not dancing. I tell her at this time it's all the experienced dancers who have done so for years. That's when I realized she's marking me to the room. Touch is possession. That's when I fully see the manipulator under the mask and I become frosty. My answers become short and my body language changed. I don't think L knew what to make of it, but she pulled back. She left her hand on my chest, but she had lost my attention. Slowly she went back to her guy and they went back to groping each other. I felt better and went back to dancing until 11 when I decided to leave.

I still feel that misty eyed feeling and I'm not quite sure where my emotions are. I don't think they are truly tied to L, but something older that she has reopened. It just feels right is all I can say. For me it is time for me to feel my feelings to probably another old feeling that was buried alive.

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Ok wait few questions....thoughts....and comments.

I cant dance to save my life. I have two left feet i think and dancing equals to broken body parts. Im clumsy on top of it.

Who is L?

And you are so right about the concept of touch. Sometimes its so innocent and yet so powerful.

Thats all...Good night


Good for you Mike. For seeing what she was up to and putting a stop to it. Plus - how freaking rude and obnoxious of her to be making out with "Sunglasses" and then waltz over to you and be all touchy feelie. Ick!


M - I'll email you the info.

Cinn - Yes and I was waiting for her offer to fufill her fantasy of being with 2 guys at once. I'll pass.

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