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Role Playing

I've done role playing since I was 12-13. I done many games and have become quite good at it. However as I get older there is less and less time to put into it. I do miss it. I've changed mediums a few times. So in the last two years or so I've turned it towards sex. Why because everything usually ends with sex with me. RP Girl approached me about a month ago. She had seen me around and knew I had a reputation as a good role player. So she got my attention and asked a bunch of questions. One of the big problems with role playing is finding creative, intelligent, and witty people. So I suggested a quick scenario to get her feet wet so to say. She was a natural and instantly hooked. What she didn't take to heart was that the more you know someone the better the role playing. I didn't hear or see her around for a few weeks. Then we ran into each other again. She had role played with a few other guys and was having fun. I suggested a Forbidden Fruit scenario if she was game. She asked a few questions. RP Girl was surprised how exciting it sounded. I told her it was because I learned a lot from her the last time. I pointed out what I had did and the things I said to see what she liked and didn't and got a measure of her. So we played it out. Having now played with others she knew why I had the reputation. It was the details I put in that made the difference and took it to another level. Due to scheduling we've been unable to find time to RP. As always I'm on the look out for new and better. I found it this week on a older blog. Since RP Girl said that she would rather I be the dom in these scenarios it would work real well. So I sent her a message asking if she would mind being blindfolded and tied up. She loved the idea. It re-enforced some of the things in place already so we just needed to set up a time. We'll it ended up I had the afternoon free before pizza and she was free from grad school and was off from work till next week. I didn't know how it would work out, but I was excited to try.

To say it worked out really well would be an understatement. Too bad we weren't in the same room.

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