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Quick - Quick - Slow

Tonight's salsa was so different from last week. Club 7 is pretty much 7 different dance areas which are on different levels. So it's like private areas. I did get to meet Salsa Girl. The great thing (since I see it's a different instructor next week) was the two instructors tonight. One for the guys and the other for the ladies. They went slow, gave us drills, and really taught us. I learned how to do the salsa basic plus a few tricks. It was fun. The bad was that all the women came with dates. So when the lessons were over the women returned to their guys and their was just a bunch of guys and no one to practice with. It was balanced by feeling confident in doing salsa now. So hoping that Monday night will stay teaching and Thursday can be more of meeting women. I'll try and get my laundry done early enough tomorrow to make it over to the event tomorrow night.

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