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More Pool Party & Other Stuff

Hey if you hit the link on the pool party invite it opens up. Whoops. It seems She is going all out for the event. Theirs suppose to be a casino there for Poker and Blackjack, free ten minute massages from the massage school, and the Margarita man will be there. I guess She never does anything small. I may have to go.

Well my Landlord is off today for another 2 week vacation. Quite John and Port Girl are house sitting other people's places so I have the house to myself. Let the air guitaring and nakedness begin! My weekend just got shot. The pizza place asked if I could close Friday and Saturday. Ugh 2 in the morning. Not truly complaining I need the extra money to go see my son the following weekend.

Okay I don't think I ever talk about news stuff here, but I heard this on the radio this morning and I was completely shocked. As you may or may not know the summer Olympics will be in China next year. So their trying to clean up their act before then. Digging giant landfills to hide all the lead toys, sending all the posionuos food to India to kill the rats, but the big one is that they have outlawed having food vendors in the bathroom. For some reason in China it is a thriving business to be selling food in the bathroom. And they wonder why they have food problems. I can see it now you go into the bathroom and you ask for a #2 with fried rice. Go do you business and come back to a nice steaming load of food.

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