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Did You Ever Pick Your Toes in Poughkepsie?

I'm driving back from a delivery tonight. I'm not Mario Andriette out there, but I've been known to flaunt the speed limit. Anyway I decide to take one road that I've never been on to go back. Up ahead this older guy is walking towards me. He notices that I'm speeding and starts yelling and waving his hands. I'm mildly amused, but I'm not slowing for this low grade moron. So what does he do? He jumps out in the middle of the street. I started to slow since I didn't want to dent my car or have to clean this guys guts out of the grill. Then I get a flash of this douche bag jumping on my car and I just sped up and swerved around him. He was swearing the whole time. Excessive heat and being old is a deadly combination.

Two people were referred to me today for treatment. I don't usually put a price tag on people, but it did cover everything I need to go see my son next weekend. Now I just hope they come in. Anyway I was very happy to tell Eric that I would see him next weekend. I can't wait.

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