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Sane Friends

Pizza Bitching

As always I meet many characters as I deliver pizza. Tonight's prime example is the young couple. While she fills out the credit card slip he hands me a religious pamphlet. I really wish I had one of those stickers that says "Jesus may love you, but everyone else thinks your an asshole." At least they tipped. If not I might of had to beat him with his own pizza box. Hey if that guy in Kansas could defeat the guy with a lead pipe. I'm not to worried.

The rest of the night was the usual people. The only thing is that we had a sever thunderstorm come through while I was delivering. Now it annoys me to no end that people aren't prepared for when I arrive. I don't need to be banging on your door 3 separate times to answer. Forgot about it if I'm calling you to open the door so you can eat. However when it's a monsoon outside you better be moving your ass. However that wasn't the case.

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