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Life = Fun

I opened my daily meditation today and the message was the life should be fun, if it wasn't why would anyone want to do it. It's so true life is hard enough and if you don't work to make it fun what's the point. It made me feel even better about starting up dancing. Coming home the nights I wasn't working to watch DVD's while fun isn't the same as going out and doing something physical with other people. The first thing that blared in my mind when I came home last Thursday was reality beats fantasy. My little rut of reading at Starbucks and watching DVD's wasn't satisfying me. I know I have to be very careful since I can settle pretty fast which is a bad thing. So it seems this is the lesson that is being re-enforced with me since we talked about it Monday night at my meeting. I made a promise to live my life to the fullest and I don't want to go back on it.

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