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Smelly Men & Guitars

One thing that I do hate about my office is that it is not directly on the main street. So I am always amazed when someone just walks in. Anyway it was the march of the smelly men today. The first guy was looking for the man hating naturopath that use to rent across the hall. I told him she moved back to NC. He was very interested in my peg games I have in the office. He wanted to buy them and I should have done so, but hey they were a gift. Anyway after gathering up a copy of EVERY single brochure I have, that magical number is 16 he left. I had to spray the place afterwards. I was coughing as the guy had smoked in the office. Where the hell was the cigarette? In his butt? The guy was here less than 2 minutes and the place smelled like a bar at 2 am.

30 minutes later smelly guy #2 comes in. Hey I'm pretty popular today. He wants to know if I need a cleaning service. Hmm it's 3 rooms, one which is filled with junk. I'm the only employee. I think I can handle it. So he leaves after grabbing a card. Again my place smells like a bar at 2 am. The stale smell of alcohol permeates the place and out comes the spray again. I think I need to add the to the no solicitors sign THAT no one reads is no smelly people.

When my brother Frank was younger he taught himself to play guitar. He was good and when I was really young I like to listen to him play. When I was young I tried to teach myself. Now it's surprising for me to say, but I have many gifts and talents. Music ain't one of them. I still would like to pick it back up again, but I know it's a loss cause. So I was surprised when I heard from my son Eric that he was taking guitar lessons at camp. He played a little for me over the phone and he was pretty good. He must get his musical abilities from his mom because he was rattling off how to tune it and beats. Things I could never grasp. Kinda like certain colors.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You obviously attract smelly men. I on the other hand attract the spineless ones.


But I don't want to attract any men. I live in the South. I don't want any part in replaying a scene from Deliverance.


Ugh..gag me! I hate..hate..hate it when smoker, smelly people come into our office. I immediately grab the air freshner and start hosing the place down.

Worse? When they turn in paperwork and I have to handle it. The very PAPER reeks of ciggies. That's just NASTY!

Oh....and M ... Mike also doesn't want to attract spineless men. After all - it's hard for a chiropractor to adjust your spine if DON'T HAVE ONE. :)

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