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Sane Friends

The Three Amigos & a Side of Salsa

My Landlord and myself have dinner down to a science. He's very OCD and dinner will be on the table at 7:30. So I know at 7:10 I can set the table since it will be cleaned by then and I can go back down at 7:27 to grab drinks and the food will be waiting to put on the table. It was also the first Quiet Guy would be with us. Although he might of had plenty of dinners with our Landlord since I've been out most nights. However he didn't know any of the ritual so I doubt it.

So with laundry done I headed out for another night of salsa dancing. Central 111 was a small, but nice place. No real dance floor, but since the place was pretty empty it didn't really matter. However it was all guys besides our teacher who was a woman this time. So we talked the waitresses into joining us. One did, but the other declined. (more about her in a moment) Some guys girlfriend then joined us and he kept disappearing so it worked out. Again it was very nice to have actual instruction and I was able to tighten up my dance steps and learn how to better guide a woman with twirls and cross overs. Since we were female challenged on the dance floor we rotate on the side. This is when I talked with Blond Waitress. She was a walking blond stereotype. She was blond, attractive, half dressed, and dumb as toast. She just liked attention it seemed, but after about 2 minutes all the attractive flesh was really being unbalanced by the lack of a good conversation. So I let her talk to the other guy who were more than happy to talk to her. The funny thing was the guys were all blind stinkin' sober and we had no problem getting up and trying to dance. All the women were shy about dancing. It was weird.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Cute without brains becomes mediocre, Mike, in either sex !

Glad that you are tightening up your dance steps ! When the women show up over the next few weeks, you'll be twirling and doing cross-overs with the best of them :)

Hope that you have a great Wednesday !


Go on with your salsa dancing self! That is really rocking that you are following through with the lessons and loving it. Now, we just need to find all those hot salsa dancin' chicks out there. :)


Cinn - once I get my mojo going with the steps then I'll have the senoritas at my beck and call. Now they just tell me no thanks until you get better.

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