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Okay I have to admit with some things I have no patience. Point in question: I call Smile Girl yesterday and I have to leave a message on her cell. I want a call back ASAP. I know unrealistic, but I hate sitting in my own juices while waiting for the call back. Mike's not happy.

What I am truly not happy about is why I am in my office on a Saturday morning, exhausted, and waiting for a no show new patient that I called and reminded yesterday. I could have slept this morning. I haven't had a solid 8 hours of sleep in 2 weeks. I'm pretty run down. Well I'll give her 10 more minutes then I'll hit the gym. The good thing I'll grab a nap before I go to She's house warming party. Depending on my energy level I'll see if I go out dancing afterwards.

I'm very excited that on Mondays at 8 their is another Latin dance meeting. The best part my men's meeting ends at 8 3 blocks a way. It was meant to be.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Sturday afternoon to you, Mike !

I like having phone calls returned promptly as well ! My empathy !

I hope when she DOES call back, she says something very sweet and it makes up for it !

That no-show patient was very inconsiderate.

Hope you get a full 8 hours of sleep tonight after the house warming party !

The timing of the men's meeting on Monday evening followed by the Latin Dance meeting is very felicitious indeed ! Enjoy !

Loving Annie

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