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Sane Friends

Pool Party?

One of my networking things that I go to occasionally is Speed Networking. It works like Speed dating. Two people, two minutes, hopefully you make a business connection. When I first went everyone kept talking about She. She was the one who had started it here in our area and She was suppose to be this whirling dynamo. When I first met her I didn't see what the big whoopla was about. She asked me for my card every time we ran into each other. The last time she went she hogged in on one of my two minutes. Well actually not mine, but the person across from me. During the next week she made an appointment to see me. With the problem being mid back which goes with the ached back that say, "hi do you like my breasts?" Now I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but when you lounge back casually on my table the jigs up. If you want to go out with me never become my patient. Also it helps to not be nuts, but hey that's my opinion.

Anyway to the point of this entry. I get the usual notices telling me when the next meeting is. Sometimes I go and sometimes I don't. Anyway I just got the invite for her house warming. It's the same business format email. Don't bring any presents just food or dessert and your bathing suit so you can go in the pool or hot tub. So how did we go from business people in a group that changes each week to hanging out in a hot tub? I feel like I just got invited to a swingers party. I like doing a lot for my business, but this might be too much.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Odd. Is this the first 'meeting' that's been so casual? I'm not sure I'd want to meet potential business associates by seeing them half-naked.

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