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Sane Friends

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Pets I’ve Had

1. Queenie – pet rabbit I had when I was 4. Some teenagers shot her for fun.

2. Snails - they didn't have names, but they did escape and it took weeks to find them

3. Ivy – my only dog. I got her as a pup and had to get rid of her when we moved into an apartment

4. Tahsa - my next rabbit. They need to be indoors to be social creatures.

5. Pet Rock - yes I was part of the 70's craze
6. Sinbad – goldfish that lasted for a while
7. Freya – gerbil
8. Sif – gerbil
9. Yuri – ferret and she was the best pet I ever had
10. Kodai – ferret he hated my ex. I should have listened to him
11. Bunny - rabbit. She use to love Eric when he was a baby

12. Thing 1 - Siamese fighting fish (ah the cursed hexagonal fish tank)

13. Thing 2 - Siamese fighting fish (still cursed as it kills another for unknown reasons)

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I silently cried when I read that bit about the teenagers shooting Queenie. Soulless bastards.

I had a ferret and a Siamese fighting fish, too! My ferret was mean as hell, and my Siamese fighting fish killed the five fish we put in its tank. We (my college roommates and I) kept buying fish to keep our Siamese fighting fish company. Little did we know that it is called a FIGHTING FISH for a reason.


My cat ate my Beta fish. I guess it's my fault for naming him "Sushi" ha...ha..ha...!! :0


Bottle - Yeah it was hard to understand then. Actually still hard to understand now. Well Siamese fish was probably very happy to have all the exercise.

Cinn - That was just bad. LOL

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