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Well looky what I found in my email box, but a email from L. A few compliments on how I look. A question about Eric and an invitation to lunch with no strings. So the battle of the brain and penis begin. Actually the brain forfeited cause it couldn't come up with a reason. I know what she wants and it's the same thing I want. Sex. So I'm looking for the downside here and coming up with nada. I'm not looking for the committed relationship with her since I don't think she is capable. And then theirs the sex. Too bad it has to be next week.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Booty Call!!!! You go Mike. :D


I'm sorry... what did you say you do for a living?

Hey, I'm all for fucking. But I think she's sorta into fucking with your head.


What have you got to lose? Go for it! Watch your heart, and don't play games. Set the parameters and stick with them! Since you both already know what it is and what it is not...keeping the emotions out of it will be easy.

What is wrong with pleasuring someone just for the hell of it?


Have fun! I expect a detailed report by next Friday.


Mike's got a fuck buddy!

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