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It was interesting when I read this week's issue of Match.com magazine. One of the stories was on Divorce. They talked about rituals to celebrate it. So that caught my attention. The first was about this Australian ritual that someone would do for you for $500. Hmmm if this involves a bunch of beautiful women and me getting laid maybe. Another one was about burning sage to cleanse the area of my ex. I haven't lived in our old apartment in about 3 years. So all I think it would do is set off the smoke alarm. I did like the idea of having a divorce shower to replenish everything you lost. However since I have a room full of the crap that I'm saving for when I move back into an apartment it's not really practical.

I guess for me the divorce stuff just doesn't apply. I spent the last 5 years of marriage trying to save it. I told my friends I wouldn't leave till I tried it all so I would have no regrets. I've never had a day of regret since 7/27/04. I just want it legal now. So that brings me back to some kind of ritual. I remember talking to my brother years ago about how boys have no ritual that moves them to manhood. Women have their period. Guys, I don't know, first wet dream? Hmm so I'm looking for any ideas. What do you people think?

4 people had cathartic therapy:

The very first thing I advise people to do after a divorce is to go out and buy a great bed. One that you will love coming home to every night! One that is beautiful and inviting! One that, when walking into your room, you think, "Oh man, I love my bed!"

Very therapeutic. :)


bottle of tequila, shaker of salt, and a bowl of limes... and ritual will follow *w*


I thought a guys "rite of passage" to manhood was their first time having sex....at least, that's what Pop Culture has ingrained into my head. ;)

My divorce celebration was moving into my own place, purchasing ALL new furnishings and decorating everything to *MY* exact tastes. But then..you can't really do that right now. Cathouse T is right though....got a brand new mattress, box spring, bed set up and bedding and love, love, love it! All mine and no memories associated with it. :)

I don't know Mike, I mean, you say you've been okay with this since 2004 and now it's just waiting for the legal system to catch up. Do YOU feel like you need a ritual? I guess you could burn your marriage certificate? Melt down your wedding ring? Go to the spa and have a "Body Salt rubdown" to slough off the "old" you and allow the "new" you to shine through? (kind a girl thing, but still...) *shrugs*


Cat - oh that bed went bye bye along time ago.

ACG - I don't drink much to your dismay I know.

Cinn - I hadn't even gave a first thought until I read the article. Then I was just curious to what others have done.

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