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The Weekend Trip

Well I have to admit the trip up went well. I was in a good frame of mind. Not really worried about money. I didn't have to deal with my FIL and it would be an easy handover with my ex. Their was accidents all over the place, but luckily they were on the other side of the highway.

It was great to see Eric again and we had my friend Paul's place on the ocean to ourselves since he was away. The weirdest thing was I got up the next morning look out on the beach and everyone is walking around with pants and sweat jackets on. WTF? It's August? I just left Hell's Inferno in Virginia, but I still would imagine it it would be warm in NY. It did get better as the day went on.

One thing I did realize hanging with my son is that he just downs food with no thought. With that he is either getting stomach aches or puking. So I tried to show him how big his stomach is and some things to slow him down.

I have to admit I love seeing my son, but from nothing to 150% is rough. It is total over stimulation for my brain and at times I just want to crawl into a ball. Other than that we had fun on the beach, boardwalk, and museums.

I tell you I could have used a jacket by the time I left. It was in the 60's in the day time.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

My Ex always went through that too. And trying to cram 345 days worth of "I haven't seen you" into 20 days per year is not only stressfull but impossible. He always wound up short tempered and unhappy because things didn't "go" the way that he always wanted them to. Gah!


He looks like you. Jeess...everywhere I go Cinn Kitty pops up. JK you know I love you babe....


Who me? Stalking you, M? heh..heh..heh... ;) You just missed me these last few days.. admit it!

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