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Boy am I tired today. I have to admit I am a hypersensitive person to sounds. My brain stores all the normal sounds around me and I never notice them unless there is a break in the sounds. My point here is this is one of the problems when I'm alone in the house. I know I'm alone in the house, but when I here a noise that could be coming from the house I am instantly awake. The last two nights have been hard with big fat rain drops and some critter on the roof last night. With working the extra hours and less sleep my ass is dragging.

I had two new patients in this morning. Nothing really to report on them, but as I looked at them I realized I was the same age when I was dating my ex wife before we got married. Jeez no wonder I say I didn't know my ass from my elbow. Was I ever that young? This probably comes up because I got my date. August 30th is my signing date in court to make my divorce final. I'll probably ask my Landlord to be my witness. My navy friends are too much in flux these days to schedule anything and H my other friend is way too unreliable even though he agreed. If it got pushed back because of him I would have to kill him.

Besides that Breast Girl and I flirted shamelessly last night. We were like two 10 year olds. Since I know this would be a fun thing the stress level is amazingly low.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't know whether to congratulate you or give you a shoulder to lean on for your pending divorce. My guess is that you're looking for a congrats. So, CONGRATS!!!

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