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Thursday Thirteen

Well I was going to do this week's Thirteen to celebrate my divorce. Since that didn't happen (see prior entry) I had to change it a little.

Thirteen Things I Don’t Miss About My Ex

1. Waking up to find my lunch gone
2. Anxiety & dread before walking in the door after work
3. Not having someone hog the bed, sheets, and my pillow
4. Worrying that I’ll find her dead one day
5. Endless hours of serial killer shows
6. What will happen if I change my mind on anything
7. All the snide, cutting remarks
8. My shirts all stretched out
9. Doing all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping for a family of 3
10. All the suicidal attempts
11. Money just flying out the window
12. The endless snooze alarms
13. Being attached at the hip

9 people had cathartic therapy:

wow that's a LOT of stuff to not miss. Good for you!


She sounds like a good catch. But since I became addicted to you, more like your writings after the fact. FIll me in....I am curious to know how crazy she really is.


I wouldn't stretch out your shirts... promise.. And you'd love to see me in your little button down collar shirt, cooking you pancakes the next morning. ;)


Well worth not missing, Mike !


Good list - hopefully your next 13 can be celebratory!


Cinn - Hey if that cute ass of yours is hanging out you can cook anything in the kitchen.

Everyone else - That's why she is the ex.


What? You don't like pancakes? ha..ha...ha...!


Cinn - there were pancakes? I didn't notice because of the view. ;)

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