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Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

Well I've gotten a lot of email on doctors, patients, and relationships. I've repeated myself many times and I figured I might as well post it plus some of my more interesting moments.

Going out with your patients isn't illegal, just unethical. However it can lead to lawsuits if the relationship goes sour in a bad way. The problem relationship wise is the power dynamic. A doctor can tell you to take off your clothes and you'll do it. However the reverse isn't true. There was a write up on all this last year in a journal. If you want to date a patient you should stop seeing them and wait 5 years so that the power dynamic goes away. The second way is intense therapy for the patient and couples therapy for both of you for 6 months. In both instances I think it's easier to get a date someplace else. I don't know how other professions are, but I do know the chiropractic one is pretty much filled with doctors breaking this. Thumbs up for my profession. Dumb asses.

I have to admit thinking back over my career I've had a lot of women come onto me. Surprisingly a hell of lot more when I was married. Only two since then. I blogged about one and the other one was more of a feeling. The woman was attractive, but I tell you she laid on my table like a virgin on here wedding night. I remember looking at her and shaking my head. She only came to 2 appointments before disappearing.

One of the bigger pains is when women come in with short skirts that equal a belt around their ass and saying once their on the table. "Oh I forgot I was seeing you today." The response in my mind I think a lot of people have been seeing you today. I've only had one breast exposure when one woman's breast popped out of her loose shirt. Many women have told me they've been dreaming about me.

I would say the top two women patients have been the Moaner and MA. The moaner would moan so much during treatment I would swear she would need a cigarette after it was over. She was also very direct. She told me that was so great she wanted to take me home with her.

MA was my first patient to ever venture over the line. As my last name is Vanella I've had so many women tell me it's their favorite flavor that I don't even notice anymore. However MA took it one more step. "Vanella? Do you taste as good?"

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Through your eyes, I'm seeing a WHOLE DIFFERENT side of being a chiropractor!

Don't know why it never occurred to me that an attractive male in that profession would be just as likely to be on the receiving end of come-ons from 'moaners' and micro-mini girls.

And it does seem like a solid concept - in all professions - to date people who aren't our patients.


"Vanella? Do you taste as good?"

**Nice!! Hey, you gotta admit, that's a pretty damn good line! :) Although...technically speaking, straight vanilla is pretty much disgusting.

Oooo..."straight vanilla" wow...that's a whole nother sex conversation right there!


Cinn - I agree it is a great line anyplace else, but in the professional context it's really weird.

Annie - Just like the movie "Disclosure". You don't have to be male to try and pick up every attractive person.

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