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Sane Friends


I have no idea what was going on yesterday, but the blogger was soooo slow. It took me minutes to get into a blog. Everything else was good. I guess it was the heat. So it took me quite a while to read blogs today since I had two days of stuff.

Well the final ghost of smelly men just left. He wanted to wash my car. I think he should use some of the soap and water on himself. Besides that the phone is ringing, ringing, ringing. New patients just want to come in which is great. Especially since I'm not quite sure I can stay with my friend next week. I 'll need the extra money for a hotel.

Man I'm tired today. It never fully rained here last night. Just the occasional fat drop. I kept waking up thinking someone was in the house. I have to work till 2 am tonight and be back in the office by noon tomorrow for patients. Then do another 2 am'er tomorrow night. It's going to be a long weekend.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

OH I HATED blogger. I could not read anyone’s posts yesterday because it felt like my computer was busy looking at porn.


Burning the candle at both ends, Mike. Careful you don't burn yourself (or your hand!) complete out. :)


M- It must have been having a blast cause I could log in and go do laundry and come back to still wait.

Cinn - Won't be able to work next week much so I'm trying to cover it all. Thanks though.


Nah it wasn't the heat. Blogger was being a bitch down here too.

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