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The Rookie Move

As you know I've been working hard the last week and I'm tired. I had the opportunity to go to bed early last night, but I choose the Rookie move. Finally able to have some fun time to myself I sat around, watched Animal House, and chatted with people. Much to my dismay it was midnight when I decided to go to sleep. So I'm working on doing better tonight. I'm actually home very early tonight (for me) especially since I forgot my gym bag home and couldn't go to the gym.

I tell you it's weird being busy. I got use to all the down time to do stuff and now it's not there. Not complaining, just different. Hopefully this surge of new patients will continue since I only have them come in for what they need much to chagrin of many of the marketing consultants. Hopefully I won't get to many calls like today's:

Call: "What do you give away for free?"
Me: "Well I do consultations for free."
Call: "What's that?"
Me: "Well I'll tell you if I think I can help you."
Call: "No free x-rays, exam?"
Me: "No."
Call: "Oh."

The funny part is that with her insurance it is only $10 for her to come in per visit. However for some reason this was still too exorbitant. No loss.

Well I got the good news that I can stay at my friend's place on the beach when I go to see Eric this weekend.

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