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I've almost forgotten that I asked Chamber Girl out yesterday. I didn't have that nice feeling afterwards. There was nothing. I don't think it will happen. Also if you can't tell me "no" it's a turn off.

Actually I started talking to B Girl (no she's not plan B) yesterday afterwards. We seemed to click pretty well, but she had to run to take care of her daughter so hopefully we can talk again today or tomorrow.

Happy to say the "puke" smell in my car is finally gone after I doused it with a WHOLE lot of Febreeze. I wasn't watching when my son downed that McFlurry and it came right back up. I know how it is to live with my Ex. Among many things she is also a food addict. You have to choices with food in the house. To stuff it down or do with out cause you will never know if it will be there later.

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