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Sane Friends

The Gut Wins

Talking to my friend the other day who use to be a cop and talking about how do you know when someone is lying. We both knew how to read people and while he was better I was still pretty good at picking the stuff up. When you give me this long drawn out story like I hear from panhandlers I knew it's all crap. Well that is what I felt last night when I got this woman's email. Got the reply today and it's crap trying to send me to another site. LOL. I had this feeling.

Anyway going over my stats for the business. Somehow I made a profit last month. Actually it was the third month in a row. It feels weird since I have lint in my pocket. Somehow I have lowered my expenses and this has brought about the profit. How I did this is still a mystery. Last month it dropped 50% so I really need to look at that and see how I can reproduce that.

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