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Sane Friends


I think I have hit the radar of the women I work with in the pizza place. There all twenty somethings and the questions have been sliding into the conversations about if I'm single or not. The one thing I an always surprised about is the use of young twenty somethings and their breasts. Your standing around and all of a sudden you have a pair of breasts pushed into you. Not that I'm complaining, but that's just me. I would never think of humping up on a women that I wasn't already going out with. The other night was the third time it has happened to me and it's in normal situations not like packed like sardines in a club or bar. Anyway I digress. What has stuck in my mind since then that's not pornographic is how I start to feel some angst (word of the day thanks to SWF42). I like when a woman finds me attractive, but I got a lot of attention this week and the angst was growing. So I was thinking about it as I tried to avoid traffic the other day. What it immediately reminded me was something my therapist said years ago. Different topic, but the same underlying problem. If I'm to believe what these women are thinking then I have to admit good things about myself. For some reason that always causes me angst. So I'm thinking good things about myself today in the hopes that it helps.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

So let me get this straight. The giddy girls just place their breasts in the palm of your hands at work because????????? Its a good thing TRUST me. Its just.....well.....different.


I agree very warm breats on your back is a nice thing. Just different is right.

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