Going Sane in a Crazy World

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The Evaluation System

Delivering pizzas Friday night I found myself to be at a high level of pique. One of the biggest things I have learned over the years has been to stop and listen to myself when I'm in this state. Looking at myself I realized I had fallen back into my usual pessimistic view of myself. I was grading myself by what was in my wallet. I work hard to do the best at whatever I put my mind to. It's been a spiritual awakening to be grateful for what I am able to do, what I am achieving, and the happiness it brings me. However as soon as I focus on my funds or lack of them I really cut my legs out from under me in the happiness part. I still know it is a conditioning of mine to break myself down instead of naturally building myself up. With the realization I was able to stop the snowball from rolling and growing in the wrong direction. So the last two days I've been reaffirming myself on all the good stuff I do. Since this what I talk about and try to do.

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