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Just checking through my blog and looking at all my labels. The most I've used is dating and the second runner up is pizza. Now if we just hired an attractive non smoking woman at the pizza place I could combine the two. Now that would be sweet.

I was looking for the common denominator in my entries that drew the most post, but their didn't seem to be any. Not that I was looking for direction for my writing. I'm a physical person and I need physical release for my emotions. When I was younger that was sex. If I had a strong emotion I needed sex to help process it. Now when I'm with someone I will talk it out. However I'm not always with someone and writing is a physical release for me. I've done it for years now and it has evolved into what you are reading now. For those in the Blogger world I've done this for about 2 years on AOL with a side one of my early life struggles. For my AOL fans I also have a blog over in the counter universe.

8 people had cathartic therapy:

Looks like you just wanted a good reason to post softcore porn on your blog. ;-)


Bottle - You need a reason to post soft porn. Wow I didn't know that. Actually I couldn't find a good couples pic. All the sites I had marked shut down. So I ended up on a woman's porn site. Taa dah>


Sorry... did you write something Mike? I was distracted by the picture and kept thinking "Dude has to be hung like a horse to be getting any actual penetration." ha...ha..ha....


oohhh, I like the look of this blog a TON better than the undecorated AOL blog ;-) And you know, the whole sex in the shower thing is always a plus on either site!


Cinn - LMAO I think I just busted a gut with that comment.

Kelly - I like it better to. Welcome aboard.


my college boyfriend and i were able to time sex to conclude right before the pizza delivery guy got there... nothing beats pizza in bed and afterglow.


"hung like a horse..."



ACG - how much practice did that take?

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