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Curse of the Alpha Male

Annie over at Smart Love blogged about this the other day. I made my comments and she even pointed out some of my alpha male traits. I didn't really think much about it afterwards till my lecture this morning. I was talking to HR Girl who I had met at a all women networking function last month. She had approached me to talk. Fast analysis: lively eyes, nice smile, damn ring. Anyway we talked and set up this lecture with the company she works for. So we had time to talk this morning before and after the lecture. She is still trying to place forty something employees for new jobs. So I offered any contacts I had. Then I noticed it. She playing with her necklace. The image of a devout Catholic holding off the nasty vampire came to mind. I remember a few old dates going this way. Now I wasn't trying to pick up HR Girl, but I know me. I will adjust my voice tone to match someone else, but I don't match my body language. I'm usually pretty open with it. Then I remembered I've been talking to many women over the last few days. Just kind of happened that way. Thinking about it when this happens I drop into a different mode. I use to say it was a "predator" mode. I notice more with what women are doing. I call it this because I see more passive women move away from me and more assertive women notice me more. I have to admit I like the "alpha male" term better. Nicer to think of the women not as "prey". I enjoy being this way since I feel more alive, but the last time I was like this I was a different person and I objectified women. So I'm careful this time as I awaken this part of me. I don't want to drop back to the way I was, but I do feel Iike I have found a lost part of me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

you don't strike me as an alpha male... and i mean that as a compliment.

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